Zaresoft File List Generator


A different way to create lists of your files


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Sometimes your collection of documents can be so enormous that even the thought of finding a specific file can be overwhelming. The Windows file browser can often work at a snail's pace if you're looking through large files. At times like these, Zaresoft File List Generator can be a huge help.

Just pick the folder you want to turn into a list, select an output folder, and let the software do its job. Shortly after, the output folder will contain an exact replica of the original. The difference being that the files now only show the name and metadata, taking up 0 kilobytes of memory on your hard drive.

No matter how many files you add, the folder will continue being 0kb making it extremely easy to find specific documents or explore those enormous folders full of chaotic information. Zaresoft File List Generator does more than create a list of names you can't interact with, though. It actually generates a 1:1 copy, but with an infinitely smaller file size.
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